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Welcome to Chryssostomides Financial Services

About Us

Chryssostomides Financial Services is an independent financial services company, specializing in fee-based asset management, complete tax planning and preparation, and retirement planning. Our goal is to create and preserve wealth through risk appropriate asset management and financial planning. We have 35 years of experience helping clients by striving to develop meaningful and trustworthy relationships with every client.

We believe wealth planning is more than only allocation and advice, and we understand that the goals of each client are different. We work to help ensure our clients achieve long term financial independence. Over the years, our goal has to become our client’s most trusted resource in all their financial matters.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in order to best serve clients whose lives constantly change, we have an obligation to continually keep updated with education on tax and investment matters, as well as quality of life issues for all ages and stages of life.

Furthermore, our deep understanding of taxation has allowed us to develop tax-efficient strategies for our clients. Our mission is to become our clients most trusted resource and advocate in their personal and corporate financial decisions.